Timely repairs save money by addressing the problem before it creates real damage.
Check the sink
to make sure water does not drip from the P-trap located in the cabinet below.
If it does, call us at 847-849-6868
A to Z Plumbing and Sewer we'll fix it for you immediately.
To keep your house's plumbing in top shape, follow the advice on this page
We recommend having your pump and basin cleaned and inspected yearly. This will increase the life of your pump and cut down unexpected emergencies. There is a list of different ways to improve and protect your house :
Basement flooding due to sewer backup is an all too frequent occurrence in certain areas during heavy rainstorms. Many people are not aware that they can modify the plumbing in their houses to positively prevent sewage from entering their basements. Three different approaches are common and the one you choose depends on the piping layout of your house.
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